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Connect with the city, as you always wanted – Use Cleartrip Tags

We all have very specific needs and wants from the hotels we stay at while on vacation. Only a small set of hotels really appeal to us. This appeal is built on personal interests, aspirations and purpose, and can vary widely from one person to another.

Let’s consider a few examples, 

  • When you’re planning a trip to a beach town, do you look for hotels “on the beach” or “near the beach”?
  • When you’re going to a city with a rich history and culture, do you look for hotels which are “near popular attractions”?
  • During a vacation in Dubai or Singapore, do you want to stay in a hotel which has a Burj Khalifa or Marina Bay view?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can easily find hotels matching these needs, without putting in the hard work yourself? 

Usually, a hotel is identified by factual parameters such as star rating, price range, rooms and amenities. However, there are also unique attributes of a hotel that aren’t easily discoverable but are equally important for you to make a decision. Unfortunately, these nuances get lost in the facts and are impossible to discover without hours of research.

This is precisely the problem we are trying to solve using hotel tags.

Introducing Hotel Tags

Hotel Tags on Cleartrip

Hotel Tags on Cleartrip Mobile

These tags are unique to the hotel and the city. They are personal. They connect with your interests, purpose and aspirations. Using tags, you will be able to find your choice of stay in a snap without spending hours researching. 

How do we tag a hotel?

At a city-level tags are handcrafted by our in-house team. These are then passed on to our content system that assigns these tags to hotels based on metadata and location factors. This combination of curation to identify tags and technology to assign tags solves for nuances that would otherwise be a difficult problem to solve.

  • This removes the likelihood of incorrectly tagged hotel. (Ever been surprised by hotels that are just 200m from the beach but with no road to walk down?)
  • It also allows us to come up with tags that are highly nuanced and purpose-driven. For example, hotels with a view of the Ganges in Haridwar or hotels with rooms above the 50th floor in Dubai.
  • It also helps us solve for nuanced differences between similar attributes. For example,  hotels “near the beach” versus hotels “on the beach” or “romantic” hotels versus “couple-friendly” hotels.

How can you find & use tags?

Go to cleartrip.com/hotels and search for hotels in popular destinations like Goa, Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, Haridwar, Jodhpur or Manali and you can find the tags upfront on the search result page.

Tags for Istanbul, Cleartrip hotels

How’s it working?

The response from all of you using tags has been phenomenal! More and more of you are using tags to find the right hotel faster. Most interestingly, it is helping surface hotels that would otherwise be very difficult to find with regular filters, and sometimes even with extensive external research. To put the impact in context, our customers who use tags spend 2x less time researching before completing the booking! That’s more time to do something else!

What next for us?

We’re investing more on tags to take it to the next level by accommodating an even more extensive range of interests and aspirations. At the same time, we are also aggressively working on bringing the ease of tags to more destinations.

Drop a note to product@cleartirp.com with your feedback and suggestions, and make sure you leverage the tags the next time you are searching for that perfect accommodation (in case you don’t already!).