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Expressway+: One Click. Book Now. Pay Later

Booking a flight fast at the right price has always been a challenge. Which is why, over the years, we have introduced innovative features like split-screen, 2D filters and fare alerts among others. But that’s just one part of the booking process. Completing the payment is still an uncertain process – success is not guaranteed after multiple clicking, tapping, typing and waiting.

To make your booking process absolutely frictionless, we wanted to simplify that very payment experience. Simplifying the payments process though is genuinely tricky. You have to shield the user from the complexities of existing gateway infrastructures and payment constructs and work within regulatory guidelines to achieve simplicity. At Cleartrip, we have achieved that for you so that you get the best booking experience possible!

Introducing Expressway+

Expressway+ is a postpaid feature that empowers you to make one-swipe (or click), frictionless payments. Swipe. Book. Travel. It’s that simple. So, what are the perks of Expressway+?

    • Weekly Credit Limit: You get a weekly spending credit of 25k. You can now make multiple bookings within a week with a swipe till you exhaust your limit. 
    • No Payment Failures: With a simplified payment process, we take payment failures out of the equation. 
    • Automatic Payment of Dues: Your outstanding amount will be automatically debited at the end of every week, saving you the trouble of remembering to pay your dues regularly or be badgered with reminder mails. 
    • Instant Refunds: Since your card isn’t actually debited till the end of the cycle, refunds within the cycle get auto-adjusted against your outstanding. Any cancellations post debit, get refunded to your card. 

Expressway+ is currently only available to select customers. You will get an email to opt-in to use Expressway+ with the most frequently used saved card. All you need to do is to activate. 

Expressway+ makes no compromise when it comes to the security of your data. This feature is built on top of the same PCI-DSS compliant Expressway secure framework we launched in 2012. Industry standard 128-bit encryption ensures 100% protection of your data and we never store your CVV. 

Learn more about Expressway+ here: https://www.cleartrip.com/expressway-plus/

Say goodbye to payment failures and small credit limits. Welcome to the faster lane!

We hope you enjoy your journey as much as we enjoyed simplifying it. Keep trippin! 

Please give this feature a spin and do write to us at product@cleartrip.com for your feedback and suggestions.