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Now get Visa on Cleartrip!

At Cleartrip, we have been working on simplifying the travel experience for more than 13 years to solve some of the biggest problems involving booking flights, hotels and activities. 

Making the travel experience even more convenient for our customers continues to be a top priority for Cleartrip. A crucial element of international travel planning process that we have worked on recently is visa application. The primary reason why we had not worked on this so far was that visa applications are tightly controlled government processes leaving us little room to improve the experience for travellers.

Recently though, things have been changing. Governments are waking up to the potential of providing e-visas to travellers in an effort to boost tourism. This has opened up an opportunity for us to use our strengths and provide a faster visa application experience. 

Introducing, tourist visas for UAE: https://www.cleartrip.ae/visa/dubai

The first goal that we had set for this project was that applying for a visa should take less than 3 minutes. To achieve this, we designed a simple 4-step process. We removed every single point of friction for a user applying for a visa. There is no mandatory login, no irrelevant distractions, and the visa requirements are clearly highlighted.

The second goal was to ensure that users trust the process. To achieve this, we make a promise of providing a 100% refund for any user who has their visa rejected.

This is a pilot project and so far we have enabled tourist visa applications for one country – UAE. This application is currently available for nationalities of six countries, some of which are among the key markets for inbound travel to UAE – India, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines. We plan to add support for more countries soon. 

There are two types of UAE tourist visa available – Regular which is issued in 3 to 5 working days, and Fast Track which is issued within 24 hours. 

How this works?

Cleartrip customers can look forward to a hassle free experience after submitting their visa application online. Once processed, the visa will be delivered to the applicant via email, eliminating the need for travellers to visit a physical visa-processing centre.

Our goal is to make sure that applying for visas is a stress-free process for anyone using Cleartrip. If you have plans of travelling to the UAE, do give this a spin. As always, please drop in your feedback to product@cleartrip.com