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Integrating TravelSafe into Cleartrip’s flight booking flow

Where it all started

On 20th May 2020 the government of India announced that airlines could restart operations from the 25th. There was a lot of uncertainty around the information available, anxiety around flights operating, safety protocols, routes that would be open etc. The only certainty was that flying wasn’t going to be the same again.

Problems we knew had to be solved

  • Address anxiety
    Which routes are open? How many people are flying? Are there any restrictions or conditions that would determine eligibility for travel? Questions like these could cause a lot of anxiety at the time of booking a flight. The absence of such information would possibly deter travellers from booking their next flight.
  • Make it easy to access and consume information
    Finding this information could very quickly become painful if it were scattered across different channels. It would also be tedious to consume and act on. As a result, travellers could potentially miss out on critical information needed before they booked their next flight.
  • Provide reliable, updated information
    We knew that guidelines and protocols would change very frequently. Therefore it became important for travellers to stay updated, have access to reliable, up to date information which would help them make better, more informed decisions.

What we did

We brought our TravelSafe brand to bear on how we help customers make informed booking choices in these uncertain times. We provided relevant, contextual and up to date information in our flights booking flow. This made it very easy for travellers to make better, informed decisions. We identified 2 critical areas of interventions — our home page and our flights search-results page.


We incorporated route level information in our book flow
We introduced information about routes and restrictions, contextually, based on what route travellers wanted to fly. This granular, contextual route level information was meant to be a confidence-building measure on the search results page. This made it easy for them to know which routes are open, which are closed and which ones had restricted travel, thus enabling quicker decision making without leaving the booking flow.


To sum it up

We started by launching simple, but genuinely useful features in our book flow. This became our first step towards solving a larger and relatively unknown problem and it paved the way for how the TravelSafe integration would evolve over time.