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Cleartrip and Flyin Travel Insights Report, March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has, without a doubt, impacted the entire tourism industry across the globe and people’s confidence to travel. Our Insights Report delves into people’s views and readiness to travel in a post-COVID world. These findings are brought to you from our independent research, post surveying 5,678 respondents about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours surrounding travel in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Report also highlights the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry, the trends currently being witnessed and initiatives being undertaken to increase customer confidence in travel.

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Key findings from the survey were:

Readiness to travel

 72% of respondents are ready to travel within the next 6 months under the presence of safety measures. While 16% of respondents are comfortable travelling only once they get vaccinated.

Average trip duration

42% of respondents stated that the duration of their next trip would be 5 days or less. However, there is also an appetite for slightly longer trips with 38% of respondents opting for a duration of 6-11 days.

Consideration factors while deciding to travel to a destination

Close to 60% of respondents identified confidence measures such as safe travel enablers and lower rates of COVID-19 cases, as the key consideration factors when planning their travel.

Bucket list destinations

The top 5 popular destinations that respondents are looking forward to visit are Singapore, Maldives, Georgia, Turkey and India.

Preferred destination type

Beach destinations appear more poised for a comeback, with 46% of respondents describing the destination they most want to visit as a beach destination, followed by adventure holidays.

Approximate budget for a leisure holiday

Travellers in the UAE are planning on being more budget conscious on their trips than they were prior to the pandemic with 49% of respondents having an approximate budget of below AED 3,000 per person.