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[Design nuances] Cleartrip Activities

Couple of weeks back, we announced our latest product – Cleartrip Activities. We sincerely hope that your weekends are never boring – ever! Today, we will share some of the nuances which went into designing the product. We had 3 clear objectives with respect to design A big part of travel is inspiration. Only if… Read more →

Looking for product designers

Cleartrip breathes design. One of our founders is a designer and thats how it has become part of our DNA. We have been consistently setting high benchmarks in design – Be it iOS7 design, roundtrip results on mobile or an app for Apple watch. We believe in the power of design and entire organization is… Read more →

Cleartrip gets a makeover on Mobile Web

A couple of years ago, we undertook a complete redesign of our desktop website, codenamed Tuxedo. The Tuxedo project served to make our desktop site faster, simpler and better, but it paid no attention to our mobile site. Over time, as we lavished our attention on our desktop site and mobile apps, our mobile site… Read more →

Movie posters, the Cleartrip way

Last year we posted about Redesigning the hotel icon, where we referenced the iconic DOT pictograms that have been in use across the world for years. At Cleartrip, we’ve been playing with these icons and graphics for a long, long time. These pictograms have assisted millions of travellers of different ages and cultures, but we… Read more →

[Design Nuances] The Tuxedo hotel search experience

Last week, we announced our new search experience for hotels and flights. Today, I would like to share some of the finer design details of the new Hotels search experience. Quick look Similar to a blurb on the back-cover of a novel, ‘Quick look’ provides a hotel’s overview at a glance by previewing amenities, rates… Read more →

[Design Nuances] Little details of our booking process redesign

Around two weeks ago we introduced a redesigned booking experience; a sexier, smarter, simpler travel booking process along with a cleaner, leaner, more useful travel confirmation page. We had a great time redesigning our booking process; and tending to all the little details was the funnest part of the process. Today, we’d like to walk… Read more →