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Designing Cleartrip for iOS7

Earlier this week we released the newly designed Cleartrip for iOS7. Within just two days of release Cleartrip for iPhone has, again, been handpicked by Apple as an “Editor’s Choice” app. We’re quietly thrilled to see Cleartrip featured front and centre in the App Store. As expected, many of our customers are missing the old… Read more →

Cleartrip for iPhone redesigned for iOS 7

Just yesterday, we shared some data on the iOS 7 adoption rate in India. We were all so shocked at the blistering pace at which iOS 7 was being adopted in India, that we stayed up all night, redesigned Cleartrip Mobile for iOS 7, submitted it to the App Store and got it approved… Just… Read more →

[Design Nuances] The Tuxedo flight search experience

Last week, we blogged about how and why we redesigned the Cleartrip search experience. Today, we’ll share some of the design nuances in the user experience of our new flight search. Folding columns In the old design, we had two main versions of flight search results — a single column for domestic one-way and international… Read more →