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Trains and Hotels come to Cleartrip for iPhone

Earlier this month, we released two upgrades to Cleartrip for Android — first, with the addition of hotels; followed by the return of Indian Railways bookings. Obviously, we didn’t want to keep our iOS users waiting too long before they could share in all the fun… So, today we’re thrilled to announce that the ability… Read more →

Trains comes (back) to Cleartrip for Android

Earlier today, we announced the availability of hotels on Cleartrip for Android. There is one more thing… By very popular demand, the ability to book Indian Railways trains comes back to Cleartrip for Android after a brief unplanned hiatus. As before, there are no Cleartrip service fees for booking train tickets through Cleartrip for Android.… Read more →

Hotels comes to Cleartrip for Android

When planning and booking travel, the global trend is that travelers tend to make their flight bookings first and then their hotel bookings and booking patterns in India are no different. 65% of our India hotel bookings are made within a week of the check-in or arrival date at the hotel. By some industry estimates,… Read more →

iOS 7 adoption rate in India

Soon after Apple launched iOS 6 last year, we blogged about iOS 6’s adoption in India and lots of people appreciated us sharing that data. Last week, when iOS 7 was launched, we immediately received requests on Twitter for a similar report on iOS 7 adoption. @Cleartrip provided a neat report on iOS 6 adoption… Read more →

Indian Railways gets an Android station

Cleartrip turns 7 today, and as we did last year, we thought this was the perfect time to bring a smile not only to the faces of millions of Indians, but also to our many customers abroad who want to explore India in its truly incredible way. Railways in India is not just a means… Read more →

Revisiting Passbook designs for easier paperless travel

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard Earlier this year, Cleartrip added support for Passbook and made paperless travel easier. Since then, we’ve received a lot of feedback on the design of the Passes. Now, we’re not the kind of guys who sit back and take feedback passively — we love getting feedback… Read more →

Will the real Cleartrip for Android please stand up?

Some months ago we launched the first version of our Android app and not a day went by that our Android users didn’t compare it with Cleartrip for iOS and express their discontent. Reviews of Cleartrip for Android app on the Google Play store consistently pointed out the difference; like this one: If you have… Read more →

Cleartrip for iPhone gets taller and goes international

After months of hard work, we’re rather kicked to announce Cleartrip for iPhone version 2. Since our first app launch in the App Store, we’ve received tons of feedback from users around the world and we’re happy to say that the new app incorporates most of it. So, drumroll… and here are the headline items:… Read more →

All your Cleartrip tickets now on Passbook

The travel industry is one of the largest contributors to worldwide environmental damage — a single Mumbai-London flight produces as much carbon dioxide as a year’s worth of driving. At Cleartrip, we’re very conscious of the environmental footprint of this industry and we’re always looking at little ways in which we can help reduce the… Read more →

Cleartrip Mobile is now on Google Play

It’s an early Christmas for Android users this year, Cleartrip Mobile is now available on Google Play. Cleartrip Mobile for Android offers our entire suite of travel products on your mobile phone. All your globe trotting is just taps away with the best international flight booking experience and a choice of over 113,000 hotels in… Read more →