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Expressway is now available for hotels and international flights

A month ago, we launched Expressway, one-click flight bookings — customers can book with just one click by saving their credit and debit cards securely in their Cleartrip Account. Since launch, we have seen traction among customers. Customers who’ve used Expressway for booking have often raved about the convenience and simplicity Expressway brings to the… Read more →

Simpler and faster travel bookings for friends and family

Over the last five-plus years, Cleartrip has had the privilege of being used to book hundreds of thousands of trips of all kinds — flights, hotels and trains. Along with that privilege, we get the benefit of vast insights into the booking patterns and behaviour of our customers. We’re always asking questions about our customers… Read more →

Facebook Connect arrives at Cleartrip

Last week, when we announced the all-new better, slicker and faster Cleartrip Account, we briefly touched upon the integration with Facebook Connect: We’ve always believed that travel is an inherently social activity – people travel to push their personal boundaries outwards through exploration. We think travel gets so much better when you can experience and… Read more →

A better, slicker, faster Cleartrip Account

Today, we’re unveiling a brand new Cleartrip Account — your one-stop destination for booked trips, e-tickets, invoices, travel preferences and more. It’s been a while since we made any major changes to Cleartrip Account and as we’ve continued to add new features and products, we found that Cleartrip Account was getting long in the tooth… Read more →