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Cleartrip comes to the iPad

It’s been 2 years since Cleartrip came to the iOS platform. Over these two years, we’ve been hard at work making Cleartrip for iPhone as comprehensive as possible. And the recent addition of in-app cancellations has made it one of the most powerful travel tools in your pocket. Today, we bring all that power and… Read more →

Waytogo is now way better

A few months ago we launched Waytogo as a public beta and we’ve been hard at work to remove the beta label. Today, we’re happy to say that Waytogo is officially out of beta. In this post, we’ll be walking you through all the improvements we’ve made. Waytogo is now mobile We designed Waytogo keeping… Read more →

Tuxedoes everywhere

We rolled out our new design more than a month back. At the time, only our flight search & hotel search had migrated to the new design. We wanted to keep a laser focus on our core products, get them to a stable condition before touching any of the other products. Having said that, we’ve… Read more →

[Tuxedo] How we redesigned everything

Two weeks ago, we rolled out the new Cleartrip experience. In previous posts, we’ve addressed some of the specific improvements and new features for flights and hotels. Today we’ll go behind-the-scenes with everything you wanted to know about how we managed to pull this off and why we did it. Design goals — what did… Read more →

Solving international flights for iPhone

We recently released version 2 of Cleartrip for iPhone; and last week we followed up with a post on the design goodness that we poured into it. Today, we wanted to share the thinking behind the parts of the design which are specific to booking international flights on your iPhone. The process of booking roundtrip… Read more →

Why designers should own the front-end

When I look back at some of the so-called pixel perfect mocks we froze on and compare it with the final product, they just feel so stale. It’s unbelievable, how far you can take your design if you write the front-end yourself. It’s the complete reverse when you don’t. If you want more reasons on… Read more →

Why Google Chrome on iOS stands a chance

The very first version of Cleartrip Mobile was launched about two years ago, exactly one week after I joined Cleartrip. Since then, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to build Cleartrip Mobile up from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the most comprehensive mobile travel product available in today’s market. Back then, the mobile web was… Read more →

Redesigning the Cleartrip Account

About a week back, we announced the new Cleartrip Account – the gorgeous new design being one of the biggest pieces to this launch. The new Cleartrip Account bears almost no resemblance to its predecessor and sports a dramatically improved visual design and information architecture – it makes managing your travel far easier… With this… Read more →

Cleartrip Account gets a new front-end architecture

A few days back we launched a shiny new Cleartrip Account. Aside from a host of new features — one-click flight bookings with Expressway, simpler and faster bookings for friends and family and Facebook Connect integration — the biggest piece to this launch is the gorgeous new design. Hidden underneath that beautiful new user interface… Read more →