Small World – Under the Hood

A few weeks back we launched a significant rewrite and redesign of Small World. At Cleartrip, we’ve always been big believers in sharing the technology and design details in our products; and in this post, we’re going to delve into … Continue reading

Why we fired our PR agency

Yesterday, we had the unpleasant task of firing our Public Relations agency, Buzz PR. We fired them because they were spamming our customers. At Cleartrip, we do not spam our customers or anyone else, ever. Period. There is no negotiating … Continue reading

Charting Expressway growth

About eight months ago, when we were readying to launch Expressway, many of us had doubts about whether the Indian market was ready for such a product. We wondered whether customers would feel comfortable storing their card details online. Optimism … Continue reading

SEO contributes more at Cleartrip

Almost eight months ago, we published SEO flying higher at Cleartrip to share some insights of progress over a twelve month period. Last month, we completed two years of dedicated SEO work and we created a new infographic to share … Continue reading

iOS6 Adoption Rate in India

Apple previewed iOS 6 in June at WWDC and launched it on September 19th, making updates available over-the-air and through iTunes. iOS 6 offers over 200 new features; including Facebook integration, expanded Siri capabilities, shared Photo Streams, Passbook and more. … Continue reading

Guide to Airline Fees in India

We extracted all ‘ancillary’ fees from deep within the bowels of airline websites, and put them all in one easy-to-use guide that covers the fees charged by every airline in India.