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iOS 7 adoption rate in India

Soon after Apple launched iOS 6 last year, we blogged about iOS 6’s adoption in India and lots of people appreciated us sharing that data. Last week, when iOS 7 was launched, we immediately received requests on Twitter for a similar report on iOS 7 adoption. @Cleartrip provided a neat report on iOS 6 adoption… Read more →

An all new Cleartrip experience

Good design is good business — this notion is deeply embedded in Cleartrip’s DNA. We’ve always believed this and we always will. Design is what sets us apart. For almost 7 years, the design framework above has served us well. It has supported years of product expansion and iteration, while consistently delivering the best customer… Read more →

Goodbye white space

You can put it down to the fabled itch — after seven long years, Cleartrip and White Space are getting a divorce. Cleartrip has always focused on simplicity in the design of our products and our home page has been no different; it’s simple, focused and devoid of clutter. We thought these were good things,… Read more →

Travel sites and pricing tricks

From the very beginning, Cleartrip has had a simple and unique philosophy towards the display of pricing in our products: “What you see is what you pay”. Cleartrip was the first travel company to display prices inclusive of taxes and fees; other websites continued displaying prices deceptively, without taxes and fees, until the DGCA mandated… Read more →

The Cleartrip Small World contest

We’re in the mood for some fun today, so we’re going to run a travel-trivia contest on Twitter. So here it is — The Cleartrip Small World contest. Here’s how it works: We’ll ask 10 questions on Twitter, whose answers can be found in Small World. Every tweet about the contest (including the questions) will… Read more →

Small World – Under the Hood

A few weeks back we launched a significant rewrite and redesign of Small World. At Cleartrip, we’ve always been big believers in sharing the technology and design details in our products; and in this post, we’re going to delve into the core infrastructure behind Small World. Small World is and always will be a global… Read more →

Why we fired our PR agency

Yesterday, we had the unpleasant task of firing our Public Relations agency, Buzz PR. We fired them because they were spamming our customers. At Cleartrip, we do not spam our customers or anyone else, ever. Period. There is no negotiating this. Here’s what happened. At around 4 pm, we came across this Tweet from @jackerhack:… Read more →

Charting Expressway growth

About eight months ago, when we were readying to launch Expressway, many of us had doubts about whether the Indian market was ready for such a product. We wondered whether customers would feel comfortable storing their card details online. Optimism prevailed over skepticism and we launched Expressway at the end of March 2012. And, boy,… Read more →

SEO contributes more at Cleartrip

Almost eight months ago, we published SEO flying higher at Cleartrip to share some insights of progress over a twelve month period. Last month, we completed two years of dedicated SEO work and we created a new infographic to share the results with our internal teams. This is the original version of the graph we… Read more →

Decoding rising airfares in India

We all know that airfares are increasing. We can feel that we are paying much more to fly than we were a couple of years ago, or even twelve months ago. But exactly how much have airfares increased over the past couple of years, and why? We decided to try and find out by looking… Read more →