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Introducing in-app rescheduling for domestic flights

In today’s world, we expect to be able to pull out our smartphones and do almost anything with them instantly. When we find that there are things we can’t do with our phones, we get frustrated. At Cleartrip, we hate frustrating customers. And one of the most frustrating things about air travel is making changes… Read more →

Introducing Weekend Getaways

In any lifetime, a weekend is a precious commodity — a time to take a break, with friends, with family or with that special someone. A weekend is a time away from the grind of workday routine. Be it heading out from Delhi to the snow-clad valleys of Chail, or driving down from Mumbai to… Read more →

Cleartrip is back on Windows Phone

We’ll start with a confession – Cleartrip has been AWOL from Windows Phone for a long time. The first mobile app we launched was for Windows Phone, but then our focus shifted to iOS and Android and we didn’t have the bandwidth to do justice to the platform. Today, all that changes. Cleartrip is back… Read more →

Introducing Cleartrip Wallet

Request your refund to your Wallet

Travel plans can change frequently; and when they do there’s always refunds involved. Cleartrip processes all refunds within 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean you get your money back in 24 hours — it takes between 2 to 6 business days for the refund to actually be credited to your account. That’s really slow. And… Read more →

Cleartrip comes to the iPad

It’s been 2 years since Cleartrip came to the iOS platform. Over these two years, we’ve been hard at work making Cleartrip for iPhone as comprehensive as possible. And the recent addition of in-app cancellations has made it one of the most powerful travel tools in your pocket. Today, we bring all that power and… Read more →

Collections is now even better

Since we launched Collections a few months ago, we’ve been hard at work to make it more useful for travel inspiration and planning. Today we’re happy to announce a bunch of enhancements to make Collections even better. Collections now has new stories We launched Collections with the promise of adding more inspiration over the coming… Read more →

Trains and Hotels come to Cleartrip for iPhone

Earlier this month, we released two upgrades to Cleartrip for Android — first, with the addition of hotels; followed by the return of Indian Railways bookings. Obviously, we didn’t want to keep our iOS users waiting too long before they could share in all the fun… So, today we’re thrilled to announce that the ability… Read more →

Introducing pay@hotel – book here, pay there

Earlier this year, we launched a large-scale revamp of our Hotel search product with the goal of making it dead-simple for you to find that perfect hotel. Today, we’re taking that a big step further with pay@hotel — we’re making the hotel booking process completely effortless by getting rid of the online payment process and… Read more →

Trains comes (back) to Cleartrip for Android

Earlier today, we announced the availability of hotels on Cleartrip for Android. There is one more thing… By very popular demand, the ability to book Indian Railways trains comes back to Cleartrip for Android after a brief unplanned hiatus. As before, there are no Cleartrip service fees for booking train tickets through Cleartrip for Android.… Read more →