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On leadership and popularity

“Everyone wants you to be a leader, until you make a decision they don’t like.” ~ Jack Shepherd For those who remember, Jack Shepherd was a character from television drama Lost; crappy show, but this is a great line.

Always in agreement

“When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary.” ~ William Wrigley Jr.

On upstarts and incumbents

“History has shown that incumbents tend to fight trends that challenge established ways and, in the process, lose focus on what matters most: customers.” ~ Jason Kilar, Hulu CEO [Via The New York Times]

How MBAs help predict the future

Marc Andreessen in Bubble? What Bubble?, an interview with Andrew Goldman for The New York Times: There was a point in the late ’90s where all the graduating M.B.A.’s wanted to start companies in Silicon Valley, and for the most part they were not actually qualified to do it. They brought the whole sideshow of… Read more →

Is your ad campaign working?

When it comes to brand advertising, most marketers struggle to demonstrate ROI. This is nothing new. All marketers are aware of the famous quote attributed to Lord Leverhulme: “I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted, but I’m not sure which half.” There is one way to know that your ad campaign is… Read more →

Someone wants to buy our website

We received this email about an hour ago: Subject: cleartrip.com, purchasing offer Hello. I’m interested in purchasing your website. I’m willing to offer 2500$ for it, payable through PayPal or by wire transfer. As soon as we’ve detailed information about the site and come to an agreement, I’ll be willing to go through with the… Read more →

Anonymity makes people nastier

About a week ago, The New York Times carried an excellent opinion piece, Online, Anonymity Breeds Contempt. The article takes a look at how the guarantee of anonymity online is being abused by millions of Internet users daily. We’ve made the connection between anonymity and negativity on this blog as well: Anonymity is an easy… Read more →

What makes India better than China

According to an article in The Economist titled A bumpier but freer road, India is a better long term economic bet than China. Here’s why they think so: It is not just that Indians can say what they like without having tanks rolled over them. It is also that India can change governments without a… Read more →

On philanthropy

A 29 year old Steve Jobs sounds off on philanthropy in an early interview with Playboy. “I’m convinced that to give away a dollar effectively is harder than to make a dollar. “There are some simple reasons for that. One is that in order to learn how to do something well, you have to fail… Read more →

Einstein on work, simplicity and stupidity

Albert Einstein, yup, the same one that gave us the mind-bendingly complex Theory of Relativity had a yen for simplicity and a remarkable turn of phrase. Some of our favourite quotes: Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity If you can’t explain… Read more →