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A video for Cleartrip Mobile

One of the harder challenges in app marketing is conveying the experience of using an app to people who’ve never used it. You can show the interactions, but how do you convey the feeling of joy that comes with using a well-designed app? It was with this objective in mind that we embarked on a… Read more →

Travel sites and pricing tricks

From the very beginning, Cleartrip has had a simple and unique philosophy towards the display of pricing in our products: “What you see is what you pay”. Cleartrip was the first travel company to display prices inclusive of taxes and fees; other websites continued displaying prices deceptively, without taxes and fees, until the DGCA mandated… Read more →

Cleartrip Video Stamps: which is your favourite?

A couple of weeks ago, we launched our new TV campaign, featuring short and sweet video stamps. Here are the four video stamps we created, along with the names we’ve lovingly given them. The Dog one – this started out as the Trips one, but somewhere along the way it just became the ‘Dog one’,… Read more →

Behind the Screens

Six years ago, we launched Cleartrip based on the premise that your online booking experience with us should be so flawless, that you never have to call, email or meet us. Over time, we got so wrapped with creating the perfect travel buying interface that the sweet irony around it skipped us all. Think about… Read more →

The making of ‘every trip has a purpose’

On Sunday, January 10th, we launched the new Cleartrip television campaign — every trip has a purpose. In our last blog post we shared why we were inspired by ‘every trip has a purpose’ and the beautiful campaign that this weed of a concept grew into. We wanted to meet real people, on real journeys.… Read more →

Because every trip has a purpose

We started Cleartrip with a singular vision–Making travel simple. At Cleartrip, we don’t think of what we do as just selling flights, hotel rooms and train tickets. We help sons and daughters go home to visit their parents. We help newlyweds celebrate the beginnings of a new life together. We help students reach their potential.… Read more →

It makes coffee too

This has to be one of the best fantasies to ever be made into a video demo laced with irony and satire. Introducing, the ultimate all-in-one device–and it’s not an Apple, it’s a Pomegranate: More satire at PomegranatePhone.com. [Via @Vinifer]