Presenting Cleartrip for Apple Watch

Since we launched Cleartrip for iOS, we’ve been committed to offering our Apple users the best travel apps for their iOS devices. Our commitment to iOS has translated into a series of firsts — the first to support Passbook on iOS, the first to redesign our app for iOS 7, and the first to have a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Today, we’re proud to add another big first to that list: Cleartrip for Apple Watch.

Our Watch app gives users the information they need, when they need it, in the most lightweight manner possible. When you open the Cleartrip app on Apple Watch, you’ll see a concise list of your upcoming flights.

Cleartrip for Apple Watch also supports glances, to give you contextual, time-sensitive information just when you need it. The Cleartrip glance shows you your next upcoming trip till 24 hours before departure. When 24 hours are left to your flight’s departure, the glance changes to show you the flight number, current flight status and updated departure time.

Cleartrip for Apple Watch also supports notifications. You can choose to be notified on Apple Watch if your flight is delayed, rescheduled or cancelled by the airline.

So when you buy your Apple Watch, you’ll have the latest information about your flights on your wrist, with the Cleartrip app. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think at

Cleartrip is standing up for #NetNeutrality

Over the past couple of weeks, a heated debate on Net Neutrality has come to the forefront, not just amongst India’s digerati, but in mainstream media as well, with national dailies carrying front page articles about it.

There’s even a parody video on YouTube, that quintessential event that lets one know that something has arrived with a bang.

At various points in time, we have been questioned about our stance on Net Neutrality is. We’d like to take the opportunity today to clarify our stance and take a stand.

Cleartrip has stood for the freedom of the Internet and voiced our support for Net Neutrality.

If Cleartrip supports Net Neutrality, then one might legitimately ask why Cleartrip chose to participate in the Indian launch of

Here’s why: a few weeks back, Facebook reached out and asked us to participate in the initiative with the intention of helping us deliver one of our most affordable products to the more underserved parts of the country. There was no revenue arrangement between us and or any of its participants — we were neither paid anything, nor did we pay anything to participate. Additionally we don’t make any money out of that product. Since there was absolutely zero money changing hands, we genuinely believed we were contributing to a social cause.

But the recent debate around #NetNeutrality gave us pause to rethink our approach to and the idea of large corporations getting involved with picking and choosing who gets access to what and how fast. What started off with providing a simple search service has us now concerned with influencing customer decision-making by forcing options on them, something that is against our core DNA.

So while our original intent was noble, it is impossible to pretend there is no conflict of interest (both real and perceived) in our decision to be a participant in In light of this, Cleartrip has withdrawn our association with and participation in entirely.

We believe that the Internet is a great leveller and that freedom of the Internet is critical for innovation. Cleartrip is and always will be a fully committed supporter of #NetNeutrality.

Presenting Trains and Hotels on Cleartrip for Windows Phone

A few months ago, we returned to Windows Phone with the promise of more to come. Today, we’re glad to report that we’ve kept that promise. In the last few weeks, we have added Hotels and Trains to Cleartrip for Windows Phone. Cleartrip is now the most comprehensive travel app on Windows Phone, where users can book domestic or international flights, hotels across the globe, and train tickets for Indian Railways.


The best train booking experience on mobile is now available on Windows Phone. Users can search for trains between any two stations, check availability, and book train tickets using the Cleartrip app. What’s more, there are ZERO additional Cleartrip fees for booking train tickets from our apps.

Syncing Cleartrip and IRCTC accounts

In compliance with guidelines issued by IRCTC, a one-time sync is required to connect your Cleartrip and IRCTC accounts before you can make train bookings with us. If you haven’t synced your accounts already, you can sync them from within the app (as a fair warning, we’d like to add that this step can sometimes take a while or fail due to communication problems with IRCTC’s servers).

Note that due to restrictions imposed by IRCTC, train availability check and booking facilities are not available between 0800—1200 hrs IST and again between 2330–0030 hrs IST everyday. Tatkal tickets are available from within the app, but only after 12 noon.

Train Calendar and Live Train Status

We’ve also introduced the Train Calendar and Live Train Status features in the Windows Phone app. The Trains Calendar can show you the availability for all trains between any two stations for the next two weeks, for a given class. Live Train Status works as advertised: you can check the running status of any train, right from the Cleartrip app.


With the introduction of Hotels in the app, hotels in more than 15,000 cities across the world are now in your pocket. The hotel search supports search by specific cities, landmarks, locations and even hotel names. We’ve got some amazing last-minute deals on same-day and next-day check-ins.

Search results

Search results come up in a convenient list view, that shows you just what you need to pick a hotel. Hotels in the results can be easily sorted and filtered by a variety of parameters, so you can fine-tune the results to find just the right hotel for you. We’ve also got a bunch of hotels with free cancellation – so you don’t have to pay anything in case your plans change.

Hotel details

Tapping a hotel name will bring you to an overview screen for that hotel, designed to give you the most relevant information at a glance. You can swipe horizontally to view more details about the hotel, including photos, location, hotel info, TripAdvisor reviews, etc.

As we said before, we’re committed to the Windows Phone platform, and we’ve got more updates coming. Meanwhile, do take the latest version for a spin, and send us your feedback to

Weekend getaways are now in the apps

A few months ago, we launched Weekend Getaways to make it easy for you to find and book the perfect weekend break. But the thing about weekend breaks is: you never know when the impulse strikes; and if it strikes you on the go, you should be able to check out your getaway options there and then.

So, today we’re launching Weekend Getaways on our iOS and Android apps. Now you can browse nearby destinations by drive time, and choose the right hotel for that perfect getaway, all from the palm of your hand.

On Android, you can search for Weekend Getaways directly from the navigation drawer. If you’ve enabled location services on your smartphone, you’ll directly see getaways around your city. If not, you can pick from a list of popular destinations to browse getaways from.

On iOS, we’ve made some interesting changes to the Hotels home screen with this version. You can access Weekend Getaways from the Hotels home screen – just swipe up view search results directly.

The results screen has destinations sorted from left to right in increasing order of drive time from your city. Within each destination, you can scroll vertically to browse a curated list of hotels in that destination. Swiping horizontally on the band at the top of the screen will let you navigate to the next or previous destination.

Tapping on the icon on the top left brings up the ‘Refine’ screen, where you can select the dates and number of rooms / guests for your search. You can also sort hotels by price or Trip Advisor rating here, or shortlist the destinations you see by selecting themes. For example, if you’re in the mood for the serene views of a hill station, just select the ‘Hill station’ filter to see only hill stations around your city. You can also change the city you’re looking for getaways from.

So go ahead – download the Cleartrip app and get away from the grind. As an introductory offer, we’re giving a whopping 35% off on weekend getaway bookings made through the apps, only from Dec 9-12, 2014. You can get details of the offer here. And as always, do send us your feedback to

Introducing in-app rescheduling for domestic flights

In today’s world, we expect to be able to pull out our smartphones and do almost anything with them instantly. When we find that there are things we can’t do with our phones, we get frustrated.

At Cleartrip, we hate frustrating customers. And one of the most frustrating things about air travel is making changes to your flight bookings. We reduced this frustration considerably with the ability to change flights online last year. But when you can book your flights and cancel them on the go, why should you have to wait till you get to a laptop to change flights?

We don’t think you should. Which is why today we’re glad to announce the arrival of in-app flight changes in the Cleartrip apps. Whether you want to reschedule part of the trip or whole, for one passenger or all, you can do it all from right within the app. You’ll get a confirmation and even see your rescheduled trip details immediately. Just select any domestic trip you want to change flights for, tap on ‘Reschedule’, and away you go.

In the first step, you need to choose alternate travel dates for the onward journey and/or the return journey, and select the passengers for whom you want to change flights. For the remaining passengers and legs of the journey, the original booking would stay as is.

Once you’ve selected the new dates and the passengers / legs you want to change, you’ll see a list of flights to choose from. The fares you see here are the difference you need to pay after taking into account the rescheduling fee and the fare for the revised dates. If this difference is negative, you’ll get a refund for the difference.

Once you select the desired flight, you can review the selection and make the payment as you would for a normal flight booking, and you’ll get a confirmation for the change.

You can even see your rescheduled trip details immediately, right there in the app.

So next time you want to change a flight, just whip out your phone and do it right in the Cleartrip app. To our knowledge, this is the first truly in-app rescheduling experience in any travel app in the world. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on

Introducing Weekend Getaways

In any lifetime, a weekend is a precious commodity — a time to take a break, with friends, with family or with that special someone. A weekend is a time away from the grind of workday routine. Be it heading out from Delhi to the snow-clad valleys of Chail, or driving down from Mumbai to experience the pristine beaches in Daman, or escaping the hustle and bustle of Bangalore to explore the sylvan surroundings of Bandipur. A weekend getaway is the essential ‘power-nap’ between our hectic and stressful work weeks.

Deciding on a weekend getaway is challenging. Apart from selecting a location that’s within a preferred driving distance or offers a specific experience, the lack of information on available options is a hurdle. Offbeat destinations, in particular, have several resorts tucked away in the lap of nature and aren’t easily discoverable in the online world.

Cleartrip wants to take the stress and the friction out of weekend travel. We want weekend escapes to be the easy and happy stress-release valve you deserve. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Weekend Getaways as an extension to our Hotel product.

Search for getaways from the city of origin

Let us know the city you’ll be traveling from and we’ll take care of the rest. The most popular origin cities are listed upfront for your convenience.

Search based on drive time or destination

The results page provides a listing of hotels spread across various nearby destinations within a 10 hour drive time from the origin city. If you’re looking for a specific destination, our ‘Destination’ filter will help winnow the choices.

If you’re keen to get in touch with some wildlife on the next long weekend, instead of driving down to the beach, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a theme-based filter that narrows your search based on what you want to do.

Select a hotel thats perfect for your needs

Traveling with your family and looking for hotels that are child friendly? Our advanced filters help you select hotels that offer the exact experience you’re looking for. If you’re interested in booking a hotel that’s either on the ocean front or offers serene views of a lake or a river, the best options are just clicks away.

Something for everyone

We’ve built Getaways to be beautifully responsive, so no matter what device you use, you’ll never be short of options.

At this moment, Weekend Getaways serves Indian cities only. We’re just getting started and will continue to expand the choice of hotels and scope of destinations to offer more short breaks over time. Do give Weekend Getaways a whirl and let us know what you think.

Cleartrip is back on Windows Phone

We’ll start with a confession – Cleartrip has been AWOL from Windows Phone for a long time. The first mobile app we launched was for Windows Phone, but then our focus shifted to iOS and Android and we didn’t have the bandwidth to do justice to the platform.

Today, all that changes. Cleartrip is back on Windows Phone with a huge update. Here are the headline items we’ve introduced in v2.

A brand new Panorama screen
We’ve introduced a brand new Panorama screen, that gives you one tap access to your recent searches, upcoming trips and stored cards.

International flights
Now our Windows Phone users can book international flights with 500 airlines at their fingertips. We’ve also added support for major global currencies, with support for our customers in the Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE) to make payments in their local currency. Customers from other countries will see an INR conversion on the payment page.

1-touch bookings with Expressway
Making payments is now effortless. If you’re an existing Expressway user, just sign into your Cleartrip Account and your stored cards will be available for use within the app. If you’re not an Expressway user yet, you can set up one-touch flight bookings from within the app.

Saved travellers in the app
Say goodbye to typing the same names again and again, as we introduce deeper integration between the Cleartrip Account and the Windows Phone app. If you’ve saved traveller profiles in your Cleartrip Account, all those profiles are now available when you book with the app.

We’ve just restarted our journey with Windows Phone. We know we have a long way to go. And we’d love to hear your feedback on what else you’d like to see in the Windows Phone app. So download the Cleartrip app from the Windows Phone store, and let us know what you think on

Introducing Cleartrip Wallet

Travel plans can change frequently; and when they do there’s always refunds involved. Cleartrip processes all refunds within 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean you get your money back in 24 hours — it takes between 2 to 6 business days for the refund to actually be credited to your account. That’s really slow. And painful: refunds are the second-largest source of complaints from customers.

68% of Cleartrip customers who cancel go on to make a new booking almost immediately after they cancel. Since the refund money takes days and days to arrive, customers are stuck without the ability to use the money they already paid for their new booking. And since the delay is caused by the processes of the banks and credit card issuers, it has been out of Cleartrip’s control.

Until today.

Today we’re thrilled to bring our customers instant refunds with Cleartrip Wallet. Starting now, you can choose to have your money refunded instantly to your Cleartrip Wallet. You can then use that money immediately or at anytime in the future. Money in your Cleartrip Wallet never expires.

Request a refund to your Cleartrip Wallet

When canceling a booking you will see the option to apply the refund to your Cleartrip Wallet or to your original mode of payment.

Request your refund to your Wallet

Using the money in your Cleartrip Wallet

If you have money in your Cleartrip Wallet, it can be used when you’re making a new booking. The amount shows up automagically on the payment step. If there’s enough to pay for the entire booking, you can make a hassle-free payment straight from Cleartrip Wallet. If the money in your Cleartrip Wallet isn’t enough for the payment, you combine it with any other form of payment (like credit/debit cards or net banking).

Make full payment with Wallet

Combine Wallet with another payent mode

Keep track of your transactions

You get complete access to all your transactions in your Cleartrip Account. Just click the Wallet tab in the sidebar menu to see details of your 10 most recent transactions using Wallet. You can also download your complete transaction history as a PDF document.

Track all your transactions

At the moment, Cleartrip Wallet only works with flight and hotel purchases. Credits from cancellations can be applied using our desktop site as well as iOS and Android apps right away. Payments with Cleartrip Wallet can only be made through our desktop site at this time. We’re just getting started and will continue to expand the scale and scope of Cleartrip Wallet. Meanwhile do try out Wallet and share your feedback on what you like and what you don’t. Drop a mail to or leave a comment here.

Cleartrip comes to the iPad

It’s been 2 years since Cleartrip came to the iOS platform. Over these two years, we’ve been hard at work making Cleartrip for iPhone as comprehensive as possible. And the recent addition of in-app cancellations has made it one of the most powerful travel tools in your pocket.

Today, we bring all that power and Cleartrip’s trademark simplicity to the iPad.

Cleartrip for iPad is beautifully adapted and compliments the core design language that we’ve established with our iPhone App. With a larger screen, this takes the Cleartrip experience on iOS to a whole new level.

Under the hood, it’s a universal app which means that all core functionality between the iPhone & iPad apps are shared; with a customised user experience for each screen size. This also allows us to simultaneously release features on both platforms. There’s a lot to share here so stay tuned for another post that will detail out the design process & front-end architecture.

Our trademark ‘Touch-n-go’ search form & flight booking experience

A full screen map view if you’re looking to stay in a specific neighbourhood. Get a snapshot of a hotel in what we’d like to call ‘Gravity View’. It captures all the highlights that will make comparing hotels a breeze. So sit back and swipe through all your options and discover new properties.

Apart from Train bookings, Cleartrip for iPad ships with all other features that you’ve been enjoying on the iPhone.

Do give it a spin and share your feedback with us in the comments or email us at We’ll be looking forward to it.

Available on the App Store

Announcing in-app cancellations for flights, hotels & trains

At Cleartrip, we keep an ear out for what our customers want from our products. When it comes to our portfolio of mobile products, one of the most requested features has been the ability to cancel travel bookings through the apps. While this is useful for flight and hotel bookings, it is especially so for trains, where the cancellation penalty is low, and availability is restricted. So it makes sense to book tickets in advance and then cancel if your plans change closer to the travel date.

Today, we’re announcing the availability of in-app cancellations for your flight, hotel and train bookings through Cleartrip’s Android and iOS apps. We’re proud to say that this is one more in a long line of firsts from Cleartrip — we’re the first online travel company in India (if not the world) to offer cancellations in mobile apps.

Designed with Cleartrip’s trademark simplicity and ease-of-use, in-app cancellations are a walk in the park. Tap on any of your upcoming trips in the Trips section and you’ll see a Cancellations button above the trip details.

Tapping the Cancellations button takes you into the cancellation flow. For flights and trains, you have the added option to select which passengers or sectors you wish to cancel.

You can then review the cancellation options you’ve chosen and the refund you’ll get, before finally cancelling and seeing the cancellation confirmation screen.

Once you’ve cancelled a trip, you can of course see the cancelled trip details by opening the trip in the app.

So next time you need to cancel a ticket, do it through the Cleartrip app. And let us know what you think by writing to us at And if you haven’t used the Cleartrip apps yet, now’s the time to download them.